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I believe that God has a unique purpose for your life. And it's much bigger than you think.

Raised in a minister's home, I felt God's calling to serve the Christian community early in my life. At the age of 19, I was somehow smart enough to say "yes" to marrying the man of my dreams, Bradley Knight. I gave birth to 3 beautiful girls, and in 2012, we added two more children to our family through adoption from the country of Uganda.

Bradley and I have served as worship leaders at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX, and most recently at The Brooklyn Tabernacle in NYC. We currently reside in Dallas, TX, and travel the country ministering at different churches every weekend, working with their choirs, orchestras, and praise teams. 


I have a passion for encouraging and equipping women to serve the Lord to their fullest potential! I believe that God has put something unique and valuable in every one of us. He has a purpose for your life, and it's probably bigger than you think. His plan for you is not dependent on your's dependent on your willingness to say "YES!" 



I would love to engage with the women at your church, ministry, or community group! I have a heart for communicating relevant Biblical truths with a relatable side of snark and sass. We will laugh (a lot) as we dive into the promises of God's Word and explore how they impact and empower us today. 


Bradley and I have the honor of working with worship programs across the country and around the world! We offer a variety of experiences, including leading worship for weekend services and special events, choir clinics, and intensive training with your band, orchestra, and small group singers. We work around your team's specific needs and custom design a weekend that will edify, encourage, and elevate your church's worship arts program.


Bradley and I have the privilege of leading the gospel music singing group, BK Bridge. We are a diverse collaboration of worship leaders with one common goal:

Bridge the nations.

Bridge the generations.

Bridge the Church.

For more information about BK Bridge,

click the link below to be directed to our website. 

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